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The Small Science Collective: A collaboration of scientists, artists, students, and anyone else interested in science, this project produces small zines and web comics on a variety of topics. Read online, download zines, and share your ideas here!

So much of what we consider "science" is in fact how we communicate it. As an inherently social practice science is as much the saying and showing as it is the making. This article for the journal American Biology Teacher is a short introduction to "zines" as a key medium for engaging students with science as a form of "participatory literacy."

Animals are they icons and avatars of humanity, from the Chicago bears to Snoopy to the Chinese zodiac they play a key role in how we understand ourselves and nature more broadly. This essay looks at the representation of animals in zines, for the journal of nature & visual culture Antennae. (forthcoming March 2011)

Zines I've made as part of the Small Science Collective & some of our work in action...