Japan 2007

- SAIC study trip



Some moments from the 4 week visit to Japan, as part of a SAIC summer study trip that Stanley Murashige and I led (with much help from Hiroko Saito, Teena McClelland & many others)

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miniature scene - Edo Tokyo Museum
a 'zabuton' floor pillow
"mikan" oranges and pine branches to give as offerings at Koya-san
the Glico man getting tickled by Christa
green tea and choco donuts at Mister Donuts
swan boat in Tokyo
MOS Burger - a shrimp and soybean burger between rice buns! tasty.
lollipops in Ueno Park
Stanley Murashige explaining the finer points of Sanjusangendo in Kyoto
miniature scene at Edo Tokyo museum
students enjoying the view of Osaka
Kyoto TV tower - the raining season had just arrived
a stack of "jizo" Buddhists deities at Koya-san
Tokyo skyline from the top of the Mori Building, Roppongi Hills
Samurai battle it out amongst themselves in Osaka Castle
an ant mimicking spider in Ueno park, Tokyo
Osaka Castle
Apparently Hiroko, our beloved trip coordinator, has a sightseeing Co. named after her!
Tokyo Nature Preserve in the heart of the city
The phoenix a top the Golden Pavilion
chubby goldfish at a goldfish breeders
The Great Buddha at Kamakura
a friendly carabid beetle in Enoshima
an art installation at ArtBank studios, Yokohama
___Koya-san, Shingon Buddhist sacred site
___Sensoji Temple, Asakusa Tokyo
___a lone jizo
Meguro Parasitological Museum!
___A bamboo grove, Arashiyama district, Kyoto
___mysterious scenes in Ueno
"Ultraman" on TV
Post-seminar party with students of Osamu Sakura at Tokyo University
the Shrine at Ise
Visiting Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
potty training on morning cartoons!
students enjoying Ginkakuji

Thanks to C. Donner for sharing some of her images.